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for a strong immune system, vitality and a healthy heart.

Content: 60 capsules (39 grams net)

Daily dose: Daily 1-2 capsules whole with sufficient liquid swallow



In this day and age, many people feed, due to the stress and bustle, not balanced. This means that the body is missing certain especially essential nutrients. Dietary supplements can fill this gap. They play an important role for the maintenance of health and to clear a nutrient deficiency.

What’s PraëCell®?
High quality, pure vegetable concentrate with fermented soy extract, glucan, micronutrients & organic Acerola extract

PraëCell® represents an optimal prevention
Only a well-functioning cell – and the immune system is the prerequisite for good health into old age.

+ Supports an adequate supply of the cell with nutrients such as vitamins and trace elements
+ Rich in natural antioxidants
+ Protects against free radicals
+ Supports the immune system
+ Protects against premature aging
+ Helps protect the cell components in
+ Supports the bone metabolism
+ Supports the normal function of the heart
+ Supports a healthy and normal cholesterol levels
+ Helps strengthen the immune system in
+ Increases resistance to infection

What makes PraëCell®? Valuable?
The contained in PraëCell natural substances have a high, effective potency and can thus support the body’s protective systems in your work considerably:

+ Fermented soy extract
+ Natural acerola extract
+ selenium
+ Vitamin D3
+ Vitamin K1, K2
+ Zinc
+ Beta-Glucan from yeast

Not eat in soy intolerance, as well as existing allergy to yeast and soy proteins. Gluten free and lactose free.

Important instructions

+ The recommended daily dose should not be exceeded
+ Dietary supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet
+ Keep out of reach of children
+ A balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are important
+ Not recommended for pregnant and nursing mothers
+ This product contains multiple fermented soy order to achieve optimum bioavailability and is not characterized odorless


+ Exclusively high quality natural ingredients
+ High quality standard manufactured according to GMP
+ Especially cultivated soybeans not genetically modified (IQCT certificate)
+ Patented multiple fermentation
+ Gluten Free and Lactose
+ Enteric cellulose capsule (vegetarian capsule // gelatin free)

Designed in Switzerland, made in Germany